Festival Award Winners 2014

    Best Picture Feature Film – “Death 2 Hipsters” – Dark Fall Productions


    Best Cinematography Feature Film – “Attractive Distractions” – Take Shelter Productions


    Best Soundtrack Feature Film – “Expencive Porno Movie” – Tin Ojeda


    Audience Award Feature Film – “Beyond The Surface” – Crystal and Dave Homcy


    Best Picture Short Film – “Surfer Saltado” – Drew Miller


    Best Cinematography Short Film – “Arctic Swell” – Chris Burkhard


    Audience Award Short Film – “Two Feet and Classy” NESKA! Productions / Patrick Willey and Tanya Boggs

Film Festival Line-up!

    Thursday, October 16th – open to Trident Pass Holders, sponsors and VIP only

    7:00PM – Doors Open, music and meet and greet with film makers and sponsors

    7:35PM – Dinner, drink & Fun

    8:35PM – Surfing Short “Stoked” by The Thomas Brothers

    9:05PM – Surfing Feature “70 Et Al” by Grupo Sal

    10:25PM – Surfing Short “Your Dream” by Vacation Club and Victor Papkour

    10:50PM – Surfing Short “Mission” by Band Originale

    Friday, October 17th 

    5:00PM – Doors Open – Music / Vendor Booths / Art Display / Silent Auction Viewing

    7:10PM – Surfing Short “Arctic Swell” by Anton Lorimer and Smugmug

    7:35PM – Surfing Feature “Beyond The Surface” by Free Theo Productions

    8:35PM – Surfing Short “Rail To Rail” by Joel Sharpe Productions

    9:15PM – Surfing Feature “Death 2 Hipsters” by Dark Fall Productions

    10:25PM – Surfing Short “Surfer Saldado” by Drew Miller

    10:50PM – Post screening music and fun

    Saturday, October 18th

    5:00PM – Doors Open – Music / Vendor Booths / Art Display / Silent Auction Viewing

    7:10PM – Surfing Short “Herding Cats” by Broomsticks & Beavertails 

    7:40PM – Surfing Feature “Expencive Porno Movie” by TV-Dinners Productions

    9:00PM – Surfing Short “Still Swell At 85” by Dean Saffron Productions

    9:15PM – Surfing Feature “Attractive Distractions” by Take Shelter Productions

    10:26PM – Surfing Short “Two Feet And Classy” by NESKA Productions

    11:00PM – Post Screening music and fun